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That’s right Cobber SID blog fans – we are baaaaaack! After taking a year off, we return to keep all CC fans, friends, athletes, coaches, parents and alumni up-to-date with things that go on behind the scenes of the Cobber athletic department.

Cue the Proclaimers, “…and I would walk 6,450 miles to be with you”!

I had to change it just a bit to show how far you would have to go this weekend to watch all eight Cobber fall athletic teams. That’s right – all eight teams are on the road and will have to travel 6,450 miles to travel round trip get to compete in their games, matches and meets.
I dare any athletic department in the MIAC or Division III school in the Upper Midwest to match that staggering number for travel miles in a single three-day period.

Let’s get the particulars out of the way before I get into the meat of the blog post. The farthest road trip of the weekend belongs to the volleyball team who takes a 2,880-mile round trip to compete in three matches in the Tacoma, Wash. area. The football team takes its first road trip of the year and will travel 394 miles on the bus one way to play at Buena Vista in Storm Lake, Iowa. The rest of the CC athletic itinerary looks like this: the men’s soccer team plays at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisc. (1,206 miles roundtrip), the women’s soccer squad plays at UW-Eau Claire (650) while the women’s golf team competes at The Jewel GC in Northfield, Minn. (550) and the men’s golf team is in St. Cloud (340). The shortest trip belongs to the cross country teams who run at the Ponderosa GC in Glyndon which is a scant 18 miles for the round trip. All told, the eight Cobber fall sports teams will travel 6,450 miles to compete in games, matches and meets.

So now you see what the Cobber athletic teams have to deal with in EVERY season for roughly 50-70% of their games.

But the big secret that no other school or visiting team seems to realize is that being on the road is one of the most memorable times during any athletes collegiate career. I talk with many former players. Whether they be former men’s soccer players, football players, women’s basketball athletes, baseball players or women’s golfers, the memory that always finishes in the top 3 is “road trips”.

That’s because being on the road is a chance to be together. It’s only the team and the coaching staff traveling and making memories. You get a chance to find out more about your teammates and just be yourself. There are no classes to go to, no meetings or study groups to rush off to. It’s just you, your teammates and the chance to come together and compete in a hostile atmosphere. While playing in front of the home crowd and hearing the cheers from family, friends and alumni is awesome, the feeling of hearing a completely quiet arena after your team has won on the road is a completely different and equally satisfying feeling.

So while the rest of the teams that come to Moorhead complain about having to travel “so far” to play the Cobbers, the CC teams are the real winners as they make ever-lasting memories and get to strengthen their friendships that will last a lifetime.

I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday and Sunday at home as the Cobbers take the ultimate weekend road trip to win games and make memories!


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