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March 30 – 9:30 p.m.

Here are more schedule updates as I have received them from all the spring sports coaches:

Baseball: Doubleheader with Gustavus that was postponed until Apr. 5 has been postponed until a later date.

Men’s & Women’s Track & Field: The teams will not be participating in Northern State Invite scheduled for Saturday or the CSB/SJU Multi-Event schedule for this weekend. Individuals who live close to Northern State or Hamline may be participating in those invites on their own.

Men’s Tennis: The dual match scheduled with St. Olaf for Saturday, Apr. 4 has been postponed until a later  date.

Women’s Tennis: The dual matches scheduled with St. Kate’s and St. Olaf for Apr. 3 & 4 have been postponed until a later date.


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Mar. 30
Here are the latest Cobber spring sports schedule updates:

– Doubleheader with Gustavus scheduled for Satuday, Mar. 28 has been postponed until Apr. 5 – will be postponed even further.
– Doubleheader with St. Olaf scheduled for Apr. 1 has been postponed until a later date.
– Doubleheader with Carleton scheduled for Apr. 4 at home has been postponed until a later date.

Fastpitch Softball:
– Doubleheader at Hamline scheduled for Mar. 28 has been rescheduled for Apr. 10 at 1 p.m.
– Doubleheader at Augsburg scheduled for Mar. 31 has been postponed until a later date.
– Doubleheader at home against Bethel scheduled for Apr. 2 has been postponed until a later date.
– Doubleheader at St. Mary’s scheduled for Apr. 4 has been rescheduled to Apr. 11 at 11 a.m.

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Sandbagging Help

Pic courtesy of Fargo Forum

Pic courtesy of Fargo Forum



It’s hard to imagine in my world that sometimes sports takes a back seat to life. My world is consumed by Cobber sports for nine months out of the year and seven days of the week during that time frame. However, this is one time that I won’t even think about Cobber sports.

The F-M area is preparing for the flood of 2009. By all projections it will be worse than the one in 2007 which was catastrophic. The Cobber website will be put on hold so I can go help friends and community members sandbag and prepare for the flood crest.

I’m urging anyone that reads the blog to help out with the fight. Call friends, neighbors and family and have them help out. They can show up at Alex Nemzek Fieldhouse at MSU Moorhead where shuttles will take them into the community to help.

You can also click on the link that will take you to the Facebook page for the Flood Volunteers:

Facebook F-M Flood Volunteer Network 

Thanks for helping!

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March 18
In case you hadn’t heard we are in a recession. Fear not. I have a foolproof plan to get us headed in the right direction and back to the land of prosperity.

With all due respect to President Obama and secretary-designate Gary Locke in the Department of Commerce, he needs to put the NCAA in charge of the economy. No one else has the uncanny ability to save money, cut costs and generate revenue the way the NCAA does.

The NCAA has taken their cost-saving ways to even new heights in there troubled times. Case in Point –  the St. Thomas men’s basketball team. The Tommies rolled through the regular season unbeaten and the unanimous choice as the No.1 team in the land. They went 20-0 in the MIAC and 28-0 overall heading into the national tournament. They were the No.1 overall seed and were odds on favorites to make it to the Final Four for the first time in a while.

That’s where the future heads of the Department of Commerce stepped in and decided to save a little money. The NCAA grouped St. Thomas in a bracket of 14 that featured the No.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 ranked teams in the country. If you’re scoring at home that’s seven teams in the top eight of the country all vying for one spot into the Final Four.

And the reason that this happened? It’s all about the Benjamins. The NCAA has a rule that if you are within 500 miles of the school that is hosting the regional/sectional you have to hop on a bus and drive. Anything over 500 miles and you are flown to the host site. In the first round of the tournament in the Central/West regional the NCAA didn’t have to pick up a single flight. Even though UST was the consensus No.1 seed, Puget Sound was given a first-round bye while St. Thomas had to play a team that won their conference tournament. From there the Tommies then had to knock off No.4-ranked UE-Stevens Point in the second round. Can you imagine Louisville having to play Pittsburgh in the second round of the NCAA Men’s DI Tournament? No, I didn’t think you could.

After beating The Pointers to advance to the Sectionals, St. Thomas was then sent on a bus and driven to the team that finished the regular season ranked third in the nation. The Tommies didn’t host the four-team Sectional because the NCAA would have had to fly two teams into St. Thomas but only had to fly one team into Wheaton, Ill. The kicker in the equation was eventual Sectional champ Washington Univ. out of St. Louis who is 538 miles away from St. Thomas. That’s 38 miles between being rewarded for an unbeaten season and a No.1 ranking and being sent on a bus trip for 383 miles.

The Tommies lost in the Sectional championship on the road instead of being rewarded for an unbeaten season by playing at home. UST finished the year with an amazing 30-1 record. Congrats to their team and their tremendously classy head coach Steve Fritz.

This officially ends the first, last and only time I will stick up for a St. Thomas team!!

This whole rant brings me to my point of Cobber fans will never get the chance to see an NCAA Tournament game/match at home. Unfortunately Concordia is located farther than 500 miles from almost any school not in the MIAC. That means the NCAA would have to fly teams to Concordia to compete in the national playoffs. In turn that means whenever a Concordia team gets into the NCAA playoffs they will be sent packing and have to take a nice bus trip to the postseason.

Let’s look at the recent Cobber NCAA Tournament appearances. Women’s basketball 2009 – at UW-Stevens Point = 448 miles. Women’s basketball 2006 – at Simpson College = 491 miles (just nine miles inside the magic number!), Volleyball 2006 – at UW-Eau Claire = 327 miles. And the list goes on.

So basically if you want to see the Cobbers in a national playoff game you have to get in the car and be prepared to drive at least 4-7 hours.

Which now brings me to a point about the Cobber women’s basketball team that won the 1988 national championship. They played everyone of their games at home. This was before the NCAA was in the business of being in business and Concordia was rewarded for having an outstanding regular season. It is an impressive feat and one that will never happen again.

Which brings me to my final point. If there is ever a MIAC team that wins a national championship they have accomplished something incredibly special. They have overcome great odds and great location odds to achieve the ultimate college goal.

So please President Obama award the NCAA some honorary title in the Commerce Department and allow them to dig us out of the recession. If not the Commerce Department then at least the Department of Housing and Urban Development because with the NCAA it’s all about location, location, location.

Random Thought of the Day – If I hear the term “March Madness” used one more time I am going to impale myself on an icicle. It’s gotten to the point where every ad on the radio, TV or in the newspaper refers to their sales or latest PR campaign as “March Madness”. It’s gotten so bad I even heard an ad for a laser hair removal business saying they were having a “March Madness” sale.

Link of the day
Check out President Obama’s picks for the NCAA Tournament

Buzzer Beater Clip of the Day (Is there anything more dramatic or final then a shot at the buzzer):

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Moving Forward

March 14
There is nothing better then March Madness and all the tournaments that take place in the next couple of weeks. From the high school sectional tournaments at Concordia to the NCAA Division III basketball, hockey and wrestling tournaments to the NCAA Division I basketball tournament and even high school hockey tournament – nothing exudes drama, heart break, unbridled joy and the sense of accomplishment like a game with everything on the line.  We are in the midst of extremely loud, fan crazy games at Concordia. Whenever I see these games I always think of the movie “Hoosiers” and of all the great “One Shining Moment” videos that are shown at the end of the NCAA Division I men’s championship game.

Feel free to enjoy the first video post on the new Different Perspective! I love the emotion in all of the player’s faces. Whether it be high school basketball, college wrestling or DI basketball – the story is always on the faces of the players!

The saying goes that you are either moving forward or getting passed.

Hopefully this new addition to the Cobber Sports Information department will keep us moving forward and give fans the chance to find out more about the Cobber SID office.

It is a continuation of the old “Different Perspective” blog but it gives me more freedom and a lot more variety as to what I can post on the blog. I also wanted to continue the momentum we started with our Twitter page for the women’s basketball Road To The NCAA Tournament journal. The response I got from that one feature was unbelievable and I knew it was destined to get a bigger role in the SID office. This page will be an extension of the CobberSID Twitter page. Since each Twitter post is limited to only 140 characters, it is hard to fully convey events and news items that don’t get published to the wwww.gocobbers.com website.

This page will expand on the 140-character posts on Twitter and it will also allow the SID to rant about news items, features and daily doings in, and around, Cobber athletics.

I also promise that this page will be updated on a much more frequent basis as it is a lot easier to log on and post short updates that are then categorized and archived.

I hope you enjoy the new look for “The Different Perspective” and please feel free to post comments about feature ideas, questions you would like answered about Cobber athletics or any other thing that is on your  mind about the world of Cobber athletics.

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